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Create Community YOU

Networking is easy, although we make it often difficult. The only thing you have to do is create and sustain a community around you with people you can do something for, of who can do something for you. Or just people who have the same ideas as you. Doesn’t matter.

In this workshop you will start building a crowd for your own personal festival. And while doing so, you will reflect on your strengths and weaknesses in building up a network, and receive practical tools to improve your networking and community building capacities.

Wed 13 March 13.30-15.30, room A1.23 for all students (max. 45)
Wed 13 March 16.00-18.00, room C-1.03 for all students (max. 55)
Wed 13 March 18.30-20.30, room C-1.03 for all students (max. 55)

Background speaker: Marc Schurink is senior associate consultant at HRD Groep. Since 1994 he worked endlessly to bring the fun-factor to learning. Marc always manages to create a safe environment where people can challenge themselves and their pre-held beliefs. In this way he has helped countless people in many different settings, from inmates to executive board members, to step outside their comfort zones and improve themselves.

March 13 @ 18:30
18:30 — 20:30 (2h)

C-1.03, TS53

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