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Surviving in a Fast-Changing World? Learning from Outer Space | 13 March

The world is changing at an ever increasing pace. New technologies are disrupting everything around us and alter the rules of business and the path to success. Expertise you build expires quickly. How do you cope with the uncertainty that comes with operating in a world that constantly changes and cannot fully be known.

In this workshop you will learn how to do so literally by travelling to unknown worlds: We will visit a couple of foreign planets with alien populations for whom you will develop a successful product. And while doing so, you will learn about the right mindset to be successful in our own rapidly changing world. So hop aboard our spaceship and do some business with aliens.

Wed 13 March 13.30-15.30, room C-1.09 for all students (max. 50)
Wed 13 March 16.00-18.00, room A1.23 for all students (max. 45)
Thu 14 March 11.00-13.00, room C-1.09 for all students (max. 50)

Background speaker: Lot van Brakel is consultant and member of the management team at HRD Groep. Her passion lies in creating a workplace people love. She uses all her skills to create highly motivated, happy and effective teams from a diverse set of people. She has a broad experience in leading teams and training professionals in many different contexts.

March 13 @ 13:30
13:30 — 15:30 (2h)

C-1.09, TS53

No registration required: walk-in students