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Turn Teamwork into a Party | 14 March

If teams are cooperating well, the outcome equals more than the sum of its parts: 1+1=11. However, this is usually not what happens as working in a team or project group can mean a lot of trouble: one person takes the lead and wants to do something incredibly ambitious, another wants to do as little as possible and the rest is just completely lost. The perfect recipe for an argument, conflict and substandard results.

In this workshop we will turn teamwork into a party. Quite literally: in a team you will together organise a legendary student party. While at the same time reflecting on the teamwork and receiving tools to effectively manage conflict and get the most out of the team. One big fiesta!

Wed 13 March 11.00-13.00, room H0.06 for 3rd year Bachelor students, exchange and Master students (max. 55)
Wed 13 March 18.30-20.30, room H0.06 for 1st and 2nd year Bachelor students (max. 55)
Thu 14 march 8.30-10.30, room H0.06 for all students (max. 55)

Background speaker: Lot van Brakel is consultant and member of the management team at HRD Groep. Her passion lies in creating a workplace people love. She uses all her skills to create highly motivated, happy and effective teams from a diverse set of people. She has broad experience in leading teams and training professionals in many different contexts.

March 14 @ 08:30
08:30 — 10:30 (2h)

H0.06, TS53

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